About me


Hi guys!

I am Yalda, a thirty-something french woman, originally from Iran. I moved from France to Montreal, Canada in june 2012 and I’m loving my Montrealer life ever since!

From the longest time I remember, I have always wanted to create something. Something where I can put my heart and soul and get to share it with people. I love connecting and exchanging ideas as well as thoughts with the people I come across in my journey. I am a lover of life and a true hedonist at heart. A small thing can make my day. I am a firm believer that a positive attitude gets you anywhere you want in life and makes everything so much easier. It is life changing, trust me on that!

So when I heard about people around the world who were blogging about pretty much anything and everything, I thought that’s really cool! I want to do that too! Considering that I am a social media junkie and also the fact that I can get to put into words and pictures everything from places I go, a purchase that I make and want to give a shout out or even just share a personal thought about a situation and put all these on a public space for people to see it and respond, I think that is genius! So here I am!

Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!

With love,