On a cold friday night of november 2015


It was an usual friday night. I came home from work, took a warm shower, prepared a nice meal for myself and went onto my Facebook account. A post got my attention. It was about a terrorist attack. Not something that is really rare nowadays unfortunately but I quickly realized that this one had just happen in Paris! In my home country! In the city I used to work before moving here in Montreal. I grabbed my TV remote and put on CNN International. I went back and noticed that Facebook had turned on a new feature that let you know when your facebook contacts who lives in the area of the event has checked in. It basically means that they are safe and sound. That is how I found out my sister was ok since she works in Paris. From there, I started reading all the posts that were showing up in my feeds while listening to the TV and glancing at it. 99% of them were related to the horrible event. That is when I Iearned that there was in fact 6 different places with victims. In total 129 persons haved died that day and left many others wounded.

It is now Thursday 19 November 2015 as I am writing this post and I still cannot realize that all this nightmare really happened. I cannot stop reading all the articles that I found and talk about it. I guess I want to understand, make sense of it. But as much as I want to, I cannot. The only real question that I think is worth asking ourselves is how did we possibly get into this and what can we all do to avoid this from happening again on our scale.

All these people want is to divide us, make us believe that they represent Islam, so we will think muslim people are our enemies which could lead to some islamaphobia and divisions between us! This is the age-old policy of divide and rule. And the worst is that it works! They create an atmosphere of fear and we all know that fear makes people do and think terrible things that they would not if they were in a peaceful state of mind and in a place of love. Do not let them win. The most powerful weapon we have as humans is to love each other. Be compassionate towards each other. We, human have much more in common than we have differencies. A religion does not make you a bad person or a killer, the human itself, the soul underneath that body chooses to. These people use religion to justify their acts when we all know that this is not true. We have the capacity to not let these events get to our heads and alter our judgements. Let’s not let hate overpowers love, after all, love conquers all right? It reminds me of this quote:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr.


Yesterday I spent a long time looking at all the faces of all the victims of this tragedy. I wanted to learn more about them. I starred at each picture of them and feeling deeply connected even though i did not know them. It was my way to give my condoleances by acknowledging the person they were once. I thought that each of them could have been my sister, my parents, my friends or even me. Their lives just stopped suddenly just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Killed savagely by people who have been programmed to kill, literally! Cowards people who have been told to do so by other cowards.

The victims will forever remain in our minds and hearts. Let’s not forget about them.
I put the link below to let you go and take a look at all the beautiful souls that left us on a cold friday night of November 2015.

A face and a name for the paris attacks victim


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